African Mango Extract for weight loss

Weight loss supplements have become increasingly popular with the increase of obesity rates throughout the world over. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), Overweightness and obesity are the fifth leading risks for global deaths, and at least 2.8 million adults die yearly from being overweight. [1] There have been some studies conducted regarding the potential of African mango seed extract as a supplement to aid in weight loss.

What is African Mango Extract?

The African Mango extract is a supplement that is comes from a mango mostly found in Central Africa, particularly in Cameroon. Supplements from this mango are derived from the seed of the mango which has been used by the natives for a long time but has only found its way to the western world recently. [2]

Benefits of irvingia gabonensis extract

Because of the high fibre content of their seeds, the extract is said to be effective in the removal of cholesterol from the body. A study conducted on 40 subjects with an age range of 42.4 years. In this study 28 of the subjects received pure African mango extract for a period of one month. Results show that those who were given the irvingia gabonesis extract had reduced waist and hip circumference although the percentage of body fat was not significantly reduced. [3]

Another benefit when it comes to weight loss and the extract is its ability to suppress appetite. According to a study that was conducted in 2009 in which volunteers from 19-50 years old were given the extract for a period of ten weeks. After the experimental period, it was noted that the extract reduced levels of leptin which is responsible for controlling appetite. [4] This has been taken by some to imply that the pure African mango extract can be used as an appetite suppressant.

The African seed extract is also said to be effective in boosting metabolism. An experiment conducted on 102 volunteers in whom the extract was administered twice daily showed favourable impact of the extract on body weight and metabolism. [5] This can be explained because metabolism is responsible for producing energy from the food you eat. With increased energy and metabolism, you will be therefore able to lose weight.

Due to the above effect of the extract on the body, users of the supplement have reported increased energy with intake of the Africa mango extract. The explanation is clear: since your body is digesting more food and less fat is being stored, more of what you eat will be readily turned into energy. [6]

As with any other diet supplement, simply taking this extract will not do ‘miracles’ and make you slim-you have to combine proper amounts of exercise for it to be effective. Proper exercise helps boost the body’s metabolism and in turn burn fat. Some of the recommended programs to help with weight loss along with the supplement include:

  • Cardio vascular exercise. This exercise targets fat and will guarantee more fat being burned.
  • Weight training. This will not only burn fat but will turn fat into muscle which will also speed your metabolic rate.

When it comes to dosage, research recommends taking between 350mg to 3grams of irvingia gabonesis per day. [7] Instead of looking for the amount of extract the product contains, it is better to search for the amount of IGOB131 extract since this is what researchers use.