Beta Ecdysterone Reviews: Using Beta Ecdysterone Supplements Pre Workout

Beta Ecdysterone provides for fat lass and lean body mass

Beta Ecdysterone Supplements

Beta Ecdysterone is a compound extracted from certain herbs and roots such as Maral root, Suma root and Cyanotis vaga. Also known as 20-hydroxyecdysone, suma, or simply ecdysterone, this supplement works by increasing nitrogen retention as well as encouraging protein synthesis.[1]

It is widely used in both the pro-athletic and bodybuilding worlds to fortify muscle mass and to increase the growth of lean body tissue. Beta Ecdysterone also helps decrease recovery time between workouts and even sets. This way you can spend more time focusing on your training, and in turn gain muscle mass much faster than normal.[2]

Beta Ecdysterone is most beneficial to “hard gainers,” or people who have difficulty gaining muscle mass and keeping it. Even if you have no problem gaining muscle, you can still reap some impressive benefits from this natural supplement. Below are some of the reported benefits of taking beta ecdysterone as a buzz pre-workout supplement.[3]

• Helps with fat loss
• Greatly increases lean body mass
• Stimulated metabolism
• Prevention of muscle mass loss
• Increases in muscle percentage
• Improves nerve function
• In some cases may lower LDL cholesterol
• Improves protein synthesis (this increases lean body tissue mass when combined with resistance training)
• Increases nitrogen balance
• Can help lower blood-glucose levels—Studies shown that ecdysterone can lower glucose levels while leaving insulin untouched. This can be helpful to those being treated for type 2 diabetes.)

Beta Ecdysterone stimulates protein metabolism; higher levels of protein metabolism will lead to a positive nitrogen balance in your body. To put it simply, much like the way a balloon expands when it’s filled with air, your muscles will grow stronger when your body is going through protein synthesis. Beta Ecdysterone dramatically increases this process, leading to significant muscle gain.

Ecdysterone Supplements: What Do I Need to Do?

Nothing good comes easy, and with that in mind it has to be noted that this supplement requires some work. It’s important to remember that Beta Ecdysterone supplements are reliant on the process of protein synthesis and thus will only enhance muscle growth if you combine them with a correct diet, conditioning, and proper exercise which must include resistance (weight) training. You won’t seen positive results using this supplement unless you commit to a regular regiment.[2]

Are Beta Ecdysterone Supplements Safe?

This is the big question with many similar supplements. With all the potential benefits there has to be some kind of side effects, right? Surprisingly, there are not.

Beta Ecdysterone Supplement Side Effects:

  • Will not cause high blood pressure
  • Will not convert into estrogen
  • Does not damage the liver or hormonal systems
  • Has an incredibly low toxicity level overall.

Beta Ecdysterone Studies

Studies show that not only will a proper diet lead to significant results, but that these results are further improved when the ecdysterone supplement is combined with a high protein diet. High protein diets can boost the intensity of these effects to and then past the level of conventional steroids.[1]

According to Russian research, athletes using ecdysterone as well as following a high protein diet noticed significant changes. In their test, 78 professional athletes were either given a placebo or beta ecdysterone supplement over a period of ten days. From this sample size it was found that about 7% of this group experienced an increase in lean muscle tissue.[1] On average the fat levels decrease by approximately 10% for both genders in this select group. This research and others demonstrate that ecdysterone is a healthier alternative to steroids, and it has no known side effects, including negative hormonal consequences.[2] 

Beta Ecdysterone Supplement Results:

“I’ve take Ecdysterone in the past and I can say it definitely works. It helps with metabolism, protein synthesis, and putting on lean muscle. This stuff has no side effects and it’s practically a miracle pill. Highly recommend.” -Trevor, Amazon

“Good simple product which is hard to find. Most products are combined with other stuff which you don’t need or want.” -Raymond, Amazon

“This is a high quality form of a very effective non-steroidal anabolic.” -Ron

Beta Ecdysterone might just be the Supplement I’m Looking For!

If that’s what you’re thinking after this review then beta ecdysterone very well could be just the thing to add to your regiment. Extra lean muscle gain, fat burning potential, increased metabolism, and all with no side effects? If you’re willing to put in the work required by this supplement then it just might be well worth your time to give it a try.