Phenylethylamine (PEA Supplements) for Focus and Mood

Phenylethylamine for Life Improvement

Life is the constant struggle between school, work, family, and play.  As soon as you’re at an even keel in one category, the others lag behind.  There just isn’t enough time to devote to every aspect of life, and thus some obligations go by the wayside.  However, in recent years many supplements arrived on the market touting promises of increased energy, focus, and productivity.  Beta Phenylethylamine is one such supplement.  Users report feeling of intense focus and euphoria after taking the supplement, but are these reports biased?  Or is Beta Phenylethylamine an amazing alternative to being rundown?

Beta Phenylethylamine and Science

Beta Phenylethylamine
Phenylethylamine Molecule

Beta Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a monoamine alkaloid that has several stimulant effects [1].  Your body commonly uses PEA as a neuromodulator and as a neurotransmitter [2].  In this capacity, PEA facilitates increased brain activity.  You may recognize part of PEA’s name in that PEA is biosynthesized from the common amino acid, phenylalanine, in the process known as enzymatic decarboxylation.  Derivatives of PEA are referred to as phenethylamines and feature all sorts of psychoactives and stimulants.

Phenylethylamine: (PEA Supplement) Where does it Come from?

When thinking about PEA, think of mad scientists in laboratory coats conducting wild experiments.  While I may be exaggerating, that description is not too far from the truth.  Brace your little ears for a barrage of heavy-duty chemistry:  PEA is synthesized by reducing benzyl cyanide using hydrogen in liquid ammonia in addition to a Raney-Nickel catalyst.  At a specific temperature and pressure, the system will synthesize PEA.  Alternatives to this method exist; however, this method proves to be the most-widely accepted and most common among supplement manufacturers [3].

Beta Phenylethylamine Effects on the Body

PEA works similarly to that of amphetamines; however, it is much safer. When activated, PEA releases dopamine and norepinephrine, two common occurrences after taking an amphetamine [4, 5, 6].  That being said, PEA proves to be a much safer compound because when ingested orally, it is rapidly eliminated from the body due to its short half-life [7].  Because of this short half-life, PEA produces a similar effect to an amphetamine, but it leaves the body in a much quicker fashion with little-to-no adverse side effects.

This rapid breakdown of PEA by the body does lead some users to abuse the substance, taking large amounts of PEA in short spans of time in order to obtain and maintain a high.  This behavior is incredibly dangerous and should not be conducted.  Responsible use of PEA is vital to its success as a supplement.  We suggest cycling the supplement and keeping doses at as low a dose as possible.  Safety is always first.

Beta Phenylethylamine Benefits

PEA benefits mood, cognition, and libido
Boost your mood, libido, and cognition with PEA.

PEA promises many impressive bodily effects.  Upon ingestion, PEA hits the enhancer-sensitive neurons in the brain and stimulates their rapid functioning.  This rapidity results in increased production of dopamine and serotonin [4, 5, 6], which can produce increased cognition, brain activity, libido, well-being, attention, and situational awareness [8, 9, 10, 11].

Because of its effect on neurons, PEA is often suggested as a way to combat attention disorders and lack of focus [12].  This supplement may prove exceptionally helpful for those struggling to keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle.

Phenylathylamine (PEA Supplements) Online

PEA is found naturally in many substances, such as chocolate [13], but for supplementation purposes, it is easier to find supplements than to pick and choose items that contain PEA.

Normally we would try to find a third price, but PEA is not an easy supplement to find, and many of the sites we came across were shady in their disclosures and business practices.

Phenylethylamine Dosage

It is important to be vigilant in your dosing with PEA.  We suggest taking 500mg of PEA once per day before intense mental activity.  We highly suggest not exceeding 1000mg of PEA per day.  If you experience any negative side effects, discontinue PEA immediately—it is a powerful supplement and needs to be treated with the appropriate respect and diligence.

Phenylethylamine Side Effects

Since Phenylethylamine is a stimulant, some may experience nervousness or jitters. Adding a theanine supplement to stimulants helps to counteract these side effects.

Beta Phenylathylamine Review

PEA is a wonderful substance for those people who need something to help kick start their focus and mental activity.  While it does have some possible side effects, as long as you follow proper dosing procedures, you will not encounter anything but wonderful pluses to your life.  As always, adjust use and dosage based on how you react to PEA.


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