Cissus Quadrangularis Extract Saved My Shoulders

My whole life, my shoulders have been the weakest link in my body. There’s a lot of shoulder activation in baseball and dodgeball and these are the two sports I did when I was younger and failed miserably at. No doubt some of it was due to my athletic incompetence and lack of coordination, but part of it was due to my weak body. When I started exercising, shoulder exercises in the gym often scared me because it wasn’t uncommon for me to mess up my shoulders via dislocation or joint pain. It was because of this that my shoulders lacked the attention they deserved and I avoided the free-weight section of my gym because of this.

To be fair, my shoulders are genetically weak. Both my father and my father’s mother have gotten shoulder surgery on both shoulders at some point in their lives. When I was younger, my father was playing with me and my sister in a parking lot while we waited for my mother, and he slipped on a small patch of ice and needed shoulder surgery and has permanent shoulder pain. This is one of my primary motivators: I don’t want to be fragile and weak as I progress into old age.

Cissus Quadrangularis Supplementation Saved My Joints

I’ve finally started focusing more on my shoulders, progressing slowly but surely. To aid with the joint pain, I started taking fish oil and curcumin (acting as an anti-inflammatory agent), but then I found out about Cissus Quadrangularis Extract. I asked my friend about it, showed him a few studies about how much potential it could have, and he revealed to me that he had an unopened bottle of it, which he then gave to me.

Ever since I’ve started taking it regularly, my joints have been amazing. I used to be tall and frail, but now I don’t need to worry. There’s no pain my shoulders, knees, elbows, or anywhere else I may have felt discomfort before. I’ve been able to venture back to the dumbbell section of the gym and have seen great progress in shoulder mobility and strength. To me, shoulders are one of the most important body parts but are also extremely complicated joints. I’m glad that I’ve finally been blessed with a tool that will allow me to strengthen these links.