Testosterone Boosters and Pre-Workout Supplements

Many weight lifters, bodybuilders and other athletes (and even just curious “regular” guys) have said that they are interested in learning more about the relationship between testosterone boosters and pre-workout supplements. Of course, most people do understand that these are two different categories and areas of supplements, with different purposes. But many people often wonder if they can be taken together.

Testosterone Boosters:

lift more with testosterone boosters
Stuggling to use the same weights as you normally do? Losing your gains? You may need to invest in a testosterone booster.

But why would someone turn to a testosterone booster in the first place? Many men choose to take testosterone boosters for a number of purposes. Some want to promote lean muscle growth, others want to support their hormone levels. Plus, many testosterone boosters come with the added bonus of being libido enhancers.

There are also numerous negative side effects of decreased testosterone levels in men. For instance, it’ very hard to gain muscle mass and strength declines dramatically. Along with decreased strength is low energy levels.

So who is at risk for decreased testosterone? Assuming you are a healthy man and have no medical issues to take into account, your environment is the number one factor that can throw off your testosterone. Do you have a sedentary job? Eat a lot of processed food? Sitting all day and filling your body with junk can play a big role in low testosterone levels.

If you are noticing a dip in your performance in the gym and your body composition, you may want to look into taking a testosterone enhancer like D-Aspartic Acid supplement. If you are looking for a boost in your bedroom perfomance, you may want to consider longjack. This supplement will give you a kick in the gym, but Longjack powder is well documented for its libido enhancing prowess as well.

Bear in mind, testosterone boosters are not an overnight solution and are meant to be taken on a consistent basis. That being said, individuals taking testosterone boosters should also cycle off from time to time to give their body a break.

Pre-Workout Supplements:

The idea behind pre-workout supplements is to give your system an initial jolt. An increased energy level is the primary goal and as such almost every pre workout blend contains caffeine. If you are looking to avoid caffeine, check out my suggestions for caffeine alternatives here.

More advanced supplements also may include ingredients like Creatine powder to help improve your muscle “pumps” as well as your energy level. Creatine is an extremely popular pre workout supplement for this reason. It boosts ATP production to deliver energy to your muscles quickly without caffeine jitters.

Creatine monohydrate is the oldest and most well known creatine variant on the market, but newer versions are gaining more attention. Creatine HCL supplement is one such variant that promises the same results as monohydrate, but with a significantly smaller dosage.

All pre-workout supplements are fast acting. This is why they are taken 30 minutes or so before your workout. It is also why they need to be taken before every workout, since the effects wear off very quickly. Most users mix their pre workout supplements into a drink or shake.

Testosterone + Pre workout Supplement Benefits

The good news is that it is absolutely beneficial to take both of these types of supplements. Since they each have different ingredients, they do not interact with each other negatively. In fact, they may even have a synergistic effect, helping each other to be even more effective!

The obvious connection between the two is to improve your fitness levels. Pre workout supplements are taken as a quick solution to boost energy as well as improve short-term muscle strength and recovery. This allows you to do more work for longer without demolishing your muscles beyond repair.

Testosterone boosters are a long-term solution. Pre workout supplements will give you quick energy, but if your testosterone levels are flagging, you may notice yourself needing more and more pre workout to do the same routines. With testosterone boosters you can slowly bring your testosterone levels back up to where they should be to get the most out of your pre workout supplement.

The best way to combine both of these would be to stagger the doses. The best idea might be to start off your day with the testosterone booster(s). Then, have your pre-workout supplements immediately before heading off to the gym. If you do this right, you will be hyped up enough to have an incredible workout and then, over the long term, your natural testosterone levels will increase. This will help to enhance and speed up your goal of gaining lean muscle mass and improving your body composition.

D-Aspartic Acid Review

Awhile back, I was trying to find a healthy way to increase my performance in the gym. I’ve been exercising on almost a daily basis for 3 years, and wanted to push myself to the next level. I learned about this stuff called D-Aspartic Acid (people usually just write DAA for short), and decided to try some.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take it for long because it caused breakouts like none other, but while I was on it, I felt good and felt strong. Some people may say that DAA supplement doesn’t actually boost testosterone, but it does. There are studies (well, one to be exact) that show it boosts testosterone up to 40%. This may sound amazing, but it’s important to step back and look at the overall picture.

A 40% boost in testosterone doesn’t mean you will be 40% stronger/faster/bigger. In fact, 40% is a very small number compared to what bodybuilders inject – so don’t expect to become The Hulk on DAA supplements. Also, testosterone levels fluctuate widely, even within a single day. It would be normal for a person’s testosterone to increase/decrease by 40% within a day. There are even various studies that show how people are able to boost testosterone more than 40% just by sexual abstinence.

Always Consult a Doctor Before Supplementing with Testosterone Boosters

It’s also important to consult a doctor before messing around with your natural testosterone levels. If, for some reason, you feel like you might be naturally low on testosterone, then a simple blood test will provide you with the information you seek. Also, if you are naturally low on testosterone, then a doctor can prescribe you something much more effective than DAA.

I ended up giving the rest of my DAA powder to my cousin, who said he loved the effects from it. He said he had a better overall feeling subjectively and also felt stronger at the gym. Unfortunately he also stopped taking it because of some cystic breakouts (we’re both naturally prone).

DAA  supplement could be a great tool for someone looking for a boost in the gym, but just educate yourself and start at low doses before you indulge yourself in testosterone.