Pre-Workout Stack: Creatine, Caffeine, and DMAA

pre-workout stack: creatine, caffeine, DMAA

Caffeine supplements, creatine supplements, and DMAA are already included in many generic proprietary blend pre-workout formulas, and there is good reason why. The combination of these three supplements work very well together to provide the energy, focus, and recovery that are essential to a great workout and great results. To effectively evaluate this particular stack let’s take a look at the individual supplements and the specific research behind their effectiveness.


According to the International Society of Sports and Nutrition the supplementation of creatine is the most effective performance enhancing nutritional supplement when it comes increasing high-intensity exercise capacity and building lean body mass. In addition, creatine is produced naturally in the body and can be found in some foods. Research involving both novice and experienced athletes has shown creatine to increase power output, muscular endurance, anaerobic running capacity, and lean mass. Increased power output and anaerobic running capacity are among the most heavily researched effects when it comes to studying creatine and both areas have shown significant results. We’ll look at how it interacts with caffeine and DMAA in a moment.

Caffeine Powder

Pure caffeine powder is arguably one of the most popular stimulants in the world at present and there is good reason why. Its effects are potent and they work fast; this coupled with the fact that caffeine is legal and unregulated make it an extremely popular choice in the stimulatory world. Research has shown caffeine to increase focus, reduce physical and mental fatigue, restore alertness, increase general coordination, and it allows for faster and clearer thoughts.


DMAA is often one of the main ingredients in many pre-workout supplements you may have already tried and is enjoyed by many people around the world every day. Currently the only significant effects found through research relate to DMAA’s ability to raise blood pressure while not increasing the subject’s heart rate. While this may be beneficial to those with low blood pressure, I’m guessing that’s not why you’re here. In regards to training, DMAA is used in conjunction with caffeine to boost mood, confidence, and energy. In addition, it has been shown to be more potent than caffeine in related areas, essentially meaning less is more when it comes to DMAA supplementation.

This pre-workout stack will not leave you wondering if it is working or not 30 minutes in to your workout. It is most effective in boosting energy, focus, and strength and preparing your body for recovery so that you can get back to training as soon as possible. One should always exercise caution when trying a new stack and do their own research on each individual component they wish to implement. Individual responses will always be different and should be taken into account. This stack is a great option to cycle with any other stacks you may have tried and liked. Give it a shot and let us know about your results.





Why I Use Craze Pre Workout Supplement


I’m typically a fan of saving money and creating my own pre-workout mixes, but lately DS Craze has been an exception. Because of my busy schedule, I typically keep a container of Craze in my back seat and on my way home from work I mix a scoop in my water bottle and chug away. By the time I get home and change for the gym, I can feel the energy coursing through my veins and I’m ready to get stronger.

Craze Pre Workout Benefits and Review

I should mention as part of this Craze pre workout review, it is also wonderful because of its appetite-suppressing effects. Many users report that Craze causes a loss in appetite and therefore a loss in weight. Though not marketed as a diet supplement, there are various theories as to why Craze has this particular characteristic. It could be the Citramine which has the same active ingredient as synephrine (which acts as an appetite suppressant) or it could be the Dendrobium (on the ingredient list on the label of Craze, apparently a plant). The last potential theory is that it contains PEA (Phenylethylamine) which for some suppresses appetite. This is great for people like me who weight train fasted and are trying to lose a couple extra pounds of fat. By the time I finish work, I’m hungry enough to eat a large pizza, but the Craze fends off this hunger feeling until after I finish lifting. Also, because I take it fasted, the stimulant effects affect me to a much higher extreme than if I was taking it on a full stomach.

One thing I should mention is that while Craze pre workout supplement is a good way to feel ready to hit the gym, a lot of people feel it is lacking compared to a lot of products available on the market. One large ingredient that is missing from the new blend of Craze is DMAA. It’s like caffeine but stronger yet shorter-lasting – similar to the saying “The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long”. If you add 25-50mg of DMAA to your Craze, you’ll feel like you can lift every weight in the gym, and then some. I think the reason DS did not include DMAA in Craze is because without the DMAA, there is hardly a crash. I personally hardly feel a crash and can take my Craze in the morning (if I’m lifting in the morning) and the rest of the day will be virtually unaffected after the effects wear off. If I were to add DMAA for a morning workout, I would surely crash by lunchtime and feel the need to take a nap.