Tyrosine Supplement and Citrulline Malate Powder: A Synergistic Combo

There are numerous different combinations of supplements available that can provide benefits in multiple areas throughout our bodies. Certain combinations, however, can have a more positive influence than others can. When deciding what types of supplements to include in your routine, a variety of factors should be considered. If you are searching for an addition to your existing pre workout stack to help you maintain the benefits of your intensive exercise regimen, Tyrosine supplement and Citrulline Malate powder are two beneficial supplements that work together within the body to perform a number of functions.

What are these supplements?

Tyrosine [1,2] is an amino acid that provides a number of benefits to the body. It is most often utilized as a building component of neurotransmitters, compounds that facilitate proper communication between different nerve cells. These cells can influence and maintain balanced moods and emotions. Additionally, this supplement is one of the 22 amino acids that are used by the body to maintain protein synthesis. Tyrosine supplement is believed [1] to help the body produce Norepinephrine and Epinephrine, two hormones necessary in dealing with mental, emotional, and physical stressors which include the different components that make up your daily exercise routines.

Citrulline Malate [3,4,5] is an amino acid used in the bodybuilding community as an aid in both weight maintenance and muscle gain. Named after the Latin for watermelon, a source that the supplement is derived from, Citrulline Malate powder has been shown to perform functions in the heart and numerous muscle groups, as well as displaying properties akin to anti-fatigue agents.

How do they work?

When we work our bodies and muscles in an effort to reach our fitness goals, we put stress, both oxidative and mental, on our bodies. If these stressors aren’t properly maintained and dealt with, there can be numerous adverse long term effects on our bodies. Tyrosine [1] works to alleviate aspects of this stress by enabling neurotransmitters throughout our body to better communicate and function. With this supplement, the levels of Dopamine in the body increase further improving mental stress and mood. Citrulline Malate has been shown [4] to maintain muscle gains brought on by exercise by fighting off different bacterial toxins that can cause muscle deterioration. Additionally, Citrulline can reduce both recovery time and muscle soreness associated with high intensity regimens. Acidosis is a very common side effect of prolonged physical activity, but Citrulline appears [4] to possess the ability to ward off factors brought on by acidosis such as extreme fatigue and temporary confusion.


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