Where to Buy Phenibut after Amazon Shut Down Sales

Where Can I Get a Reliable and Trusted Source of Phenibut?

In late 2012, Amazon decided to terminate their sales of Phenibut powder. By summer of 2013, the Phenibut shutdown went into full effect, raising concerns of an FDA crack down on all Nootropics as well as a noticeable disturbance among users of the highly controversial yet widely consumed and praised supplement.

Though Phenibut continues to be available to the public through several online sources, buyers beware; not all Phenibut is created equal. If you have come to rely on this supplement, now more than ever it is important to find a reputable supplier you can put your trust in for quality and reliability at a competitive price.

What is Phenibut and How Does it Work?

Phenibut is a derivative of the naturally-occurring inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA. Its additional phenyl ring allows Phenibut to cross the blood brain barrier and stimulate the GABA receptors in the brain much like other anti-anxiety substances.

Many people argue that Phenibut does not react in the brain like pharmaceuticals, yet science concludes that despite which receptors they bind to, they are all classified as anxiolytics that react in the body in similar ways.

Phenibut is widely utilized for its anti-anxiety, sedative, and muscle relaxation effects as well as being used by weight lifters to boost growth hormone levels. However beneficial Phenibut is for a person seeking relief from anxiety, looking to add a boost to their workout routine, or just aiding in relaxation, this powerful nootropic also comes with its own risks and it is not a supplement to be abused.

Phenibut Side Effects

While there are no documented side effects for phenibut other than minor drowsiness, many users do develop a tolerance after extended and heavy use.

Furthermore, there are numerous reports on internet forums of some pretty serious withdrawal symptoms, but these symptoms are due to misuse of the supplement. When adhering to proper dosing and cycling, users should experience all of the benefits without the withdrawal issues.

Other concerns include how phenibut has the potential to change how some MAO inhibitors work. If you are currently taking an MAO inhibitor, you should talk with your doctor about potential side effects before taking Phenibut.

Where to Buy Phenibut Now

As mentioned before, now that Amazon no longer carries Phenibut, a multitude of sellers have cropped up; some are reputable, others not so much. Once you’ve established a list of safe vendors, however, you then have to look at price. Supply and demand plays a fairly large role when it comes to finding Phenibut.

So where can you get quality Phenibut at a competitive price? You have a few options.

Smart Powders is a long-established supplier of quality phenibut. Their prices tend to be slightly higher as they package their supplements in plastic bottles vs. foil pouches. This packaging raises their costs, which carries over to you, the buyer.

Another Phenibut supplier is Hard Rhino, a bulk supplement site that has been around for awhile and proven reliable.

A third option is Powder City. They’re also a long-established online supplement vendor with fairly competitive prices. They offer Phenibut in both foil pouches and in tub containers for an additional dollar.

Here is the price breakdown:

100 grams

Smart Powders $24.99
Hard Rhino $29.99 (125g; breaks down to $23.99 for 100g)

While all three of these sites have been vetted by online forums such as Reddit, only two of them clearly display a certificate of analysis proving the quality of their product: Smart Powders and Powder City.