DMAE Benefits

DMAE is also known as dimethylaminoethanol and deanol. It is a molecule that can help to reduce build up of the age pigmentation, beta-amyloid. It is also the active component of lucidril which is a pharmaceutical medication designed to help enhance cognitive health in the elderly. It is naturally produced in the brain but in small amounts, and can be found in fish such as pilchards, sardines, anchovies, and salmon. DMAE also promotes the production of choline which is responsible for the functions of memory, learning, and attention. According to research, DMAE has been shown to improve thinking processes, increase attention spans, give a sense of well being, reduce irritability, and help maintain longer concentration spans. More recent studies have shown that DMAE can lighten skin, tighten skin, and remove skin spots, delaying the aging process.

There are many DMAE benefits including lighting age spots that are usually seen on the back of hands, arms, and on the face. These brown spots that pop up are the result of lipofuscin accumulation in deposits within the body. Lipofuscin generally appears in older people and is a waste product of the cells. Lipofuscin is also found in heart muscles and in neurons, so DMAE also helps to flush the lipofuscin out of the body and prevent other possible negative results of lipofuscin deposits.  Sagging skin is also prevented because of the skin-tightening effects that DMAE has on the body. DMAE skin treatments are highly popular along with plastic surgery and help to tighten the appearance of facial skin. It is said that this is because of DMAE’s ability to stabilize cells, flush lipofuscin from the body, and boost acetylcholine.

DMAE also supports physical health improvements after long term use. Many people have taken DMAE and reported better physical performance and alleviation of chronic fatigue. This is possibly because DMAE results in higher energy levels by increasing production of acetylcholine. It is also believed that DMAE reduces DNA damage by acting as an antioxidant to combat free radicals, boost immune system health, and aid in the support of treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, animals that consumed DMAE supplements were said to have lived longer than the animals that did not.

DMAE Benefits for Mental Health

In additional to physical health there are also psychological and emotional health benefits that come along with taking DMAE. It is known to be used as supplementary therapy for children who have trouble concentrating and focusing. Treatment with DMAE resulted in less aggression, improved scholastic ability, longer attention spans, and possibly increased IQ.

DMAE Dosage

DMAE dosage is normally between 100 and 300 milligrams daily although there is no specific recommended dosage as it varies from person to person. Manmade DMAE bitartrate is also available and contains similarities to choline. It is available in both liquid and pill form. DMAE side effects can consist of insomnia, muscle tension, and headaches if too much is consumed.