Is L-Theanine Better as an Anxiolytic or Brain Booster?


L-Theanine is a supplement found naturally in tea leaves. It is also an amino acid that has been shown to reduce stress, promote health, increase focus, and even reduce anxiety. In fact, the two main reasons that people tend to use a Theanine supplement are for boosting their overall brain and cognitive function or as a potent anxiolytic (this word means being able to reduce anxiety levels). Naturally, this has led to a debate about which of these effects is more pronounced: should it be used primarily as a memory supplement or as a supplement for anxiety?

L-Theanine as an Anxiolytic:

As an anxiety and stress reducer, L-Theanine is a wonderfully effective supplement. It works by changing our alpha brain waves, which leads from a state of higher stress and anxiety to one of calm and relaxation. Best of all, this change is done completely naturally. You will not notice any type of jitters or extra nervousness associated with this change. This is one of the reasons that tea helps people to relax, despite the fact that it contains caffeine. The stimulant effects are moderated by the Theanine. Overall, this is a very smooth and effective anti-anxiety supplement.

Many users take this supplement solely as a method of reducing their levels of stress and anxiety. Naturally, as these levels are reduced, overall mood and feelings of general well-being are improved.

L-Theanine Benefits as a Brain Booster:

This supplement is also quite capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. It then enters the brain, where it exerts modulating effects on several key neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters include GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine, among others. These neurotransmitters have an overall effect of reducing excitement throughout the brain. Also, many of these neurotransmitters are known to have significant effects upon memory, learning, attention span, mental energy, focus, concentration, and overall cognition.

As a cognitive enhancer, this supplement may also be stacked together with caffeine. Since the natural anxiety and nervousness side effects are blocked, it serves to synergistically improve the cognitive and clarity of thinking benefits already produced by the caffeine.


There is no doubt that L-Theanine is both an effective anti-anxiety and brain-boosting supplement. Just bear in mind that specific effects and results may vary depending on the user and a number of other factors. Better is really a question of which benefits and effects are more important in your specific situation. From a long term standpoint, it probably has more chance of long-lasting anxiolytic effects, but why not give it a try and see if you can obtain both categories of benefits?