What Your Workout Supplements Say About You

You might be the normal person who just takes supplements to give your body an edge or make the most of your workout. You might also be one of the whack-jobs that will take any supplement they can get their hands on no matter how insane it sounds. “Dehydrated deer penis? I’m in!” Either way, the supplements you take say a lot about you as a person. Here are some examples of the claims that people who take the following supplements believe, and the truth about them.

Testosterone Boosters

testosteroneThe Claim: Right now, you are weak. You are small. You are a tiny, pathetic wimp. Here, let me open that jar of sissy sauce for you. You make me sick. If you took Tribulus or ZMA powder or drank a D-Aspartic Acid Slurpee before every workout, you would be pumped to the max!

The Truth: No longer do you have to worry about all that stuff in your house that was unbroken, because now it’s a smashed heap thanks to your uncontrollable rage. Your hormones are all out of whack and your reproductive organs now look like something from a circus sideshow.

Warning: Testosterone may or may not cause head to spontaneously combust. Refer to photo on the left as evidence. 


The Claim: Dude, Iron is metal that your body needs to crank up your muscle mass. Do you want to be the bionic man or not? The reason you are so pale and flimsy is because you aren’t chewing on enough nails. Get this into your body and you’ll be able to catch a bullet. You’ll be Tony Stark, only way hotter and more yoked out.

The Truth: Unless you are a hard-core, dancing in the moonlight, praise-the-earth mother vegan, then you are getting enough iron from eating meat. Cramming more into your system will probably give you heart disease, which is great for your workouts if you like throwing clots, getting mouth to mouth from some sweaty beast at the gym, or the pick-me-up you’ll get when the EMT’s hit you with the defibrillator.


creatine water weightThe Claim: You’re going to get massive! Huge! You’ll be ripped as hell and able to toss a Volkswagen 20 yards. You won’t fit through doors and will have to bust through walls like the Kool-Aid man. Oh Yeah! One day they will try to build a statue to honor your body but will run out of gold because you are too swole.

The Truth: You’ll gain weight all right, but most of it will settle right on your gut, your thighs, your glutes, and everywhere else. You’ll be able to start keeping spare change in your extra chins and injure innocent bystanders with the fat flap under your arm. You won’t bust through a wall, they will have to cut it open for the crane to pull you out of your house.


The Claim: Your joints will be so damn healthy, they will last long after you are dead. You will have to sign a special form that allows them to harvest your joints to give them to sprinters in Kenya with bad knees. You’ll never again feel the pain of a hard workout and you’ll still be able to run 40 yards in 4.4 seconds when you’re 120.

The Truth: Glucosamine only works on arthritis, not joint pain from exercise. You know what works better? Don’t over train your joints. A picture of you dead lifting a Shetland pony might go viral on Instagram, but no matter how much glucosamine you’ve taken in, your knees are still going to ache.

Bitter Orange

The Claim: You will have to sign up for a 24 hour gym because you will have so much energy that you’ll have to burn it off lifting and sculpting your body to perfection. They’ll start charging you when you wear out all the equipment. When working out 7 days a week isn’t enough for you you’ll petition congress to add Pumpday onto the calendar.

The Truth: The only thing Bitter Orange is really good for is fighting fungal infections. It will help with jock itch and athlete’s foot, but there is no reason to eat it.


The Claim: You’ll be able to recover from a workout so fast that you will actually go back in time to before the workout and be ready to do it all over again! You’ll wake up with muscles in places you didn’t even work. Who are these pansies that have to work different muscle groups on different days? Pop some glutamine and do some squats.

The Truth: It will make your liver and intestines huge. Those organs love Glutamine and suck it up every chance they get. You’ll finally make all your modelling dreams come true when they put you on the cover of both Bloated Liver Monthly and Intestine Fancy.

Pre-Workout Supplements for Weight Loss vs. Muscle Building

supplements for muscle building and weight loss

Pre-workout supplements are a popular choice among weight lifters and among those who are trying to lose weight. The purpose of these supplements is to improve workouts and help attain the best results. There are two main kinds of pre-workout supplements: weight-loss supplements and muscle-building supplements.

The following are some of the benefits from using such supplements:

  • Increased strength and endurance;
  • Faster metabolic rate;
  • Enhanced energy and focus;
  • Overall better performance.

Before one decides to use any pre-workout supplements, pre-workout nutrition ought to be considered. Carbohydrates are essential as they are your body’s fuel source. It is recommended that you eat your carbs before your workout so that they can be utilized as fuel in your body. Protein is another must-have food.

Supplements for Weight Loss

Creatine for Weight Loss

Supplementing with creatine increases the body’s creatine stores which results in an increased level of phosphocreatine that in turn helps regenerate muscles’ energy source, ATP. According to a study conducted on 17 subjects, a dosage of 5g of creatine produced an increase in the total creatine content of the muscles. Recommended dosage is 3g per day.

Caffeine for Weight Loss

Caffeine is one of the most popular pre-workout supplements for weight loss. Caffeine can be obtained from coffee, tea, chocolate, or through energy drinks. This very popular supplement works by inhibiting the enzyme that blocks degradation of cAMP therefore allowing energy levels to remain high for extended periods of time. A study on the efficacy of caffeine in increased exercise performance showed increased performance after an intake of caffeine before workout. Typical dosage rages from 100-200 mg.


As you work-out, the levels of glutamine in the body falls and using this as a pre-workout supplement can help delay fatigue during workout by producing more energy and reducing muscle fatigue.

Supplements for Muscle Building


This is a very popular pre-workout supplement for weight lifters because it allows more blood to flow to the muscles by dilating vessels and thereby allowing more nutrients to be absorbed. Results of a study on the effect arginine as a supplement 10 minutes before work-outs showed enhanced performance during workouts. Recommended dosage before a workout is 2-3g.

Citrulline Malate:

Supplementation with Citrulline Malate can increase the levels of arginine which is necessary after an intense workout. Breakdown of amino acids and increased levels of ammonia cause a reduction in arginine levels. Studies show that aerobic energy production is also promoted because of the muscle metabolism promoted by citrulline malate.


This supplement helps improve perceived level of fatigue and cognitive and physical performance during stressful conditions. It increases mental alertness and the ability to concentrate which can help one perform more strenuous workouts. Doses of 500 to 1000mg per day before workouts are recommended.

Whether or not to take pre-workout supplements will be totally up to you and will greatly depend on how you feel during your workout when you are taking these supplements.

Glutamine and Weight Lifting

glutamine for sore muscles

Weight training, whether your live for it or dread the mere thought of it, is a vital component to any exercise routine. Striving to complete your repetitions and gradually increasing lift weight are vital to any successful weight lifting regimen. While many factors are involved in both the muscle gains achieved through your program and your ability to retain these gains, one of the most important aspects of intensive weight training is the ability of your body to adequately recover from these difficult sets of repetition and goals. Recovery not only sets the pace for which you are able to continue your training, but the harder it is for your body to recover, the higher your chance of illness, muscle fatigue, and exhaustion. To help secure your optimal recovery time, an additional supplement of Glutamine can prove beneficial.

So What is Glutamine?

Glutamine [2,3] is a naturally occurring amino acid found inside the human body. Glutamine is one of the few amino acids to possess the ability to easily cross the blood to brain barrier. While stores of this amino acid are found in the body, it is depleted throughout the duration of intensive exercise. Since Glutamine performs multiple functions throughout the body, especially in aiding with the recovery process, many athletes benefit from an increased supply through an additional supplement.

How can Glutamine help?

In order to perform our best during new and more challenging weight training programs, as well as other specific types of regimens, our bodies must be able to recover on a daily basis. To properly recover, Glutamine provides [2,3,4] our bodies with a number of benefits intended to stop the breakdown of muscle as well as fortifying the immune system. Glutamine [2] inhibits the breakdown of muscles after a workout by providing the muscles with a component with which to create and build newer and stronger muscle. Many athletes who have recently started a weight lifting system are susceptible to muscle tear and as their body’s supply of Glutamine drops, their need for a fortifying agent increases.

A study [1] conducted on the relationship between Glutamine intake and increased muscle strength and fatigue suppression suggested that with the increased supply of this amino acid readily available to an athlete’s body, the athletes were both better able to meet their current goals and were more prepared to tackle more challenging tasks in the future. Finally, by increasing the strength and functions of our immune system [4], our bodies are better able to fight off illness which many athletes are prone to contract after an especially intense competition or practice. Acting as a precursor [4] to the powerful antioxidant Glutathione, the supplement provides protection against the numerous types of free radicals associated with the oxidative stress endured by the body after sessions of exercise, especially during exhaustive weight training routines.


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Making Your Pre-Workout Supplements Synergistic

One of the biggest challenges bodybuilders and other strength training athletes face is how to make their workouts more productive. Many times, this issue is not related to the actual training. Instead, it is centered on their nutritional and supplementation routine. While a large number of athletes will certainly agree that good pre workout nutrition is necessary, not many take the time to consider ways to make those supplements produce a synergistic effect.

What is Synergy?

supplement synergy for improved performance in the gymSynergy is a scientific concept that basically means combining two or more things in such a way that both become more effective than they would otherwise. In other words, two plus two is not four, it becomes five (or even six) when synergy is present.

In order to make your pre-workout supplements (and your workout itself) more effective, it is important to be eating a healthy diet. This means getting your carbs, proteins, and fats in the proper amounts and percentages. Being under-nourished is just as bad as eating too much.

Testosterone Boosters

One of the easiest ways to help you in your fitness goals is by taking a testosterone booster. This is a longer term solution, since these types of supplements are slow-acting and require consistent use. However, when the effects take place, it will be that much easier to gain muscle and even lose fat. Thus, they will help you to achieve your goals faster. You can buy testosterone supplements from this site.

Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Creatine is one of the most effective and thoroughly researched bodybuilding supplements on the planet. This supplement can be very effective at improving strength and for building additional muscle mass. When added to your routine, creatine monohydrate powder will help to make your workouts much more productive and effective.

Glutamine Supplement

The main effect of this amino acid is to help improve nitrogen balance, which is essential for synthesizing proteins and building muscle. Not only will glutamine have a synergistic effect on your pre-workout supplements, but it will also last long after the workout is over. It will also help to improve your recovery and healing time.

Citrulline Malate Powder

This supplement might be the best at inducing a synergistic effect. If your pre-workout supplements include something designed to help you maintain more energy and an enhanced focus, then this will multiply the effects. Not only will it serve to provide more energy, but it may also lead to more endurance. Citrulline malate enhances ATP production, delaying the onset of muscular fatigue.

If you are interested in being more effective in the gym and helping your pre-workout supplements to have an increased effect, then consider some of the above products. They are all backed by tons of research and the actual results of real users!

Why Non Lifters Can Benefit from Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are most known for being used by bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts. This however does not mean that this is all pre-workout supplements can be used for. You don’t have to be a regular gym-goer to benefit from the positive effects of pre-workout supplements.

There are all sorts of great supplements that can be used to enhance performance of all types of athletes. Basketball, football, volleyball players, runners, gymnasts and others can benefit from pre-workout supplements, even if they do not plan to hit the gym and lift weights.  Besides athletes, every day people can also benefit from these supplements.

Below you can see a short list that will emphasize and outline how some of the most popular pre-workout supplements can benefit athletes, and regular consumers alike.

Magnesium Creatine Chelate:

You don’t have to go to the gym to feel the effects of this supplement. This however will be more beneficial to athletes rather than average people. Magnesium Creatine Chelate will increase energy and stamina for endurance sports that include running, swimming and many team sports.  Also when participating in highly demanding physical activities, Creatine will help decrease muscle fatigue, thus helping you feel better next morning.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is another supplement that most people have heard off. It is one of the most researched, and safest commercially available supplements. Whey protein can be used by both athletes and just average, everyday people. Whey can repair previously damaged muscle tissue, and even out blood sugar levels. Besides fixing small problems your body might be having, whey also increases the feeling of fullness. By feeling fuller than you actually are, you can cut down on your meal size without feeling hungry. This may eventually lead to weight loss in some consumers.

Glutamine Supplement

L-glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids encoded in the genetic code. The majority of your body’s glutamine is produced in the muscle mass. L-glutamine helps decrease muscle break down, and increase muscle recovery time. Besides helping you keep your muscle in tip-top shape, glutamine benefits the immune system, protein synthesis, as well as nitrogen retention; making it a perfect natural supplement for everyone, including your average person. You can buy glutamine online in bulk.

Vitamin C Supplements

Everyone reading this has definitely heard about the importance of Vitamin C, so I will not go too in depth on it. There are all sorts of supplements that include large concentrations of Vitamin C. Such supplements are used to repair tissue cells, help relieve stress from compromised immune systems. Vitamin C also has some cosmetic benefits, certain supplements will help make your skin look healthier.

Beta Ecdysterone

Beta Ecdysterone is found more than 150 plants. It is extracted from herbs like Cyanotis vaga and Leuzeae.  The Beta-Ecdysterone supplements works by increasing nitrogen retention as well as protein synthesis. Ecdysterone helps with weight loss, improves your nerve function, and lovers you LDL cholesterol.

Above are only some of the more popular supplements that are mostly directed at as “pre-workout” for body-builders and gym-goers, however and average person can also benefit from these supplements. Remember that this article only covers a few, there are a ton more that will help you stay in shape and maintain your body healthy.




Pre-Workout Versus Post-Workout Supplementation

Many weight training athletes have questions about their pre and post workout supplementation programs should accomplish. In fact, many athletes simply do not have a solid understand of supplementation, or are confused about the purpose of each phase. Make no mistake, a large portion of your success as a weight trainer will be determined by your diet, nutrition and supplementation programs.

Pre-Workout Supplementation:

Many people suffer from the misconception that your pre-workout supplementation routine should consist of muscle building nutrients and products. Actually, the whole idea of everything that you do before hitting the gym is to ensure that you have the proper fuel and energy level in order to have a successful workout.

In order for this to happen, you must be eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. There should be a meal anywhere from one to three hours before your workout. It should have a good mix between carbohydrate, protein and even a small amount of fat.

Fifteen to thirty minutes before hitting the gym, you want to be taking your supplements. Once again, remember that the purpose here is to give you the energy needed for an intense training session. Even something as simple as caffeine can be good for this, depending on your body chemistry. Alpha Lipoic Acid, Citrulline Malate, Creatine Monohydrate and Taurine are all excellent choices.

Post-Workout Supplementation:

The premise behind post-workout supplementation is that training is hard work! Afterwards, your body is likely depleted of some key nutritional factors, including protein, glycogen, amino acids and other important vitamins and minerals. These must be replenished asap!

There is also an interesting phenomenon that occur post workout. This is an increase potential for nutrient uptake that follows for about an hour or so after your workout. This means that anything you consume will have an enhanced effect and may even be absorbed faster.

After your workout is finished, there are certain supplements that you should take as soon as possible. The first of these is a good whey protein powder, mix or shake. This is the absolute fastest digestion protein source. While you are making your shake, why not add in 5 grams or so of Creatine supplement and glutamine supplement to enhance the healing and recovery process? Also consider adding in some dextrose and waxy maize starch (fast-digesting carbohydrates).

As a final thought, you can even consume some branched chain amino acids during your post-workout supplement routine. In fact, taking these during your workout is a great idea as well, since they are so fast acting. Find out more about pre- and post-workout supplementation.