How to Make Your Own Pre Workout Supplement

Pre workout supplements can play a huge role in muscle gains

When it comes to pre-workout supplements, there are plenty of pre-existing, ready to consume workout stacks that come in many different varieties based on multiple types of routines. Despite this, many individuals are opting to create their own unique combinations of supplements that are tailored exactly to their personal goals and their bodies’ needs.

Why Would I Want to Make My Own Pre-Workout Supplement?

Different factors can play a role in the decision of what supplements to include. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • What are my long term goals concerning my weight, muscle gains, and overall health?
  • Am I creating an exercise and supplement regimen to address serious health concerns, to maintain a healthier state of being, or to improve my athletic abilities? Depending on which situation you happen to find yourself in, the right combination of supplements can boost your workouts’ potential benefits.
  • What has worked for me in the past and was I happy with the results? Likewise, what supplement has not worked for my body?
  • What types of beneficial compounds are found in my diet already? Are there high levels of proteins, vitamins, or other beneficial compounds like antioxidants? Some supplements are only beneficial in adequate amounts as our bodies can only absorb a set amount.
  • How difficult is, and how often do I plan on participating in, my training program? Depending on the duration and intensity of your regimen, different supplements can boost the body’s ability to build muscle, maintain muscle gains, promote weight loss, increase our stamina, and provide sources of energy.
  • What are the short term and long term effects of this supplement on my body? Are there any reported negative side effects.

Of course, these are not the be-all, end-all guidelines for creating your own combination of supplements, as there is no one right answer. Hopefully these questions do give you some idea of what you’re looking for in  your personal stack and possibly help you think of some of your own that will help you decide.

Make Your Own Pre-Workout Supplement:

Out of the hundreds of supplements available on the market, the lists below cite just a few of the beneficial compounds to consider for inclusion in your pre-workout supplement.

 Muscle Growth and Energy Supplements

Make your own preworkout for less
Too many options on the shelves? Check out our suggestions to narrow your search.
  1. Increase and maintain muscle gains with Creatine supplement and Protein. Both help the body to reduce recovery time and generate essential energy. [2,3]
  2. Citrulline Malate can assist in weight maintenance as well as maintaining muscle gains by warding off bacterial toxins in the body. Citrulline Malate powder also appears to have the ability to fight fatigue caused by acidosis from lactic acid. [7]
  3. Glutamine is an amino acid that will increase plasma growth hormone levels and stimulate the pituitary gland during workouts. [4]
  4. Tyrosine can help to improve nerve cell function in the body during exercise as well as produce different stress controlling compounds like dopamine. [6]
  5. To help improve circulation and oxygen delivery during physical activity, the supplement Vinpocetine works to widen the blood vessels to decrease blood pressure and ultimately increase workout performance. [5] 
  6. Caffeine is a popular energy booster that is often combined with various other supplements, but the synergy that it has with L-theanine makes it an ideal pre-workout energy booster. Taken in conjunction, the theanine will help calm the feelings of unease and crash often caused by caffeine alone. [8]

Post-Workout Cool Down and Relaxation Supplements

  1. For enhanced post workout recovery assistance, consider Pure Green Tea Extract and Beta-Alanine Supplement. These supplements can contribute to the decrease of fatigue and recovery time. An additional benefit of Green Tea Extract is it also contains a high number of antioxidants which can fight off free radicals brought on by oxidative stress. [1,2,4]
  2. L-theanine can be taken independent of caffeine to calm the nerves after a particularly heavy workout, though it can also be found naturally occurring in teas, albeit in smaller doses.
  3. For particularly stressful sessions Valerian Root, a stress relieveing herb, can provide strong calming effects and Melatonin, a hormon produced in the pineal gland, can help provide more restful sleep. [9,10]

Remember to Learn and Acknowledge Your Limits

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating your own pre-workout supplement is to not overdo it. Some people may be able to take many items from this list at once while others may only be able to take a few. Start slowly while mixing and matching and research the individual supplements that you find appealing as well to see which ones tend to work the best together and how to use them effectively. There are a lot of different pre-workout supplements out there and there’s no better way to find the ones that are right for you but experiencing them first hand.



Achieve Your Workout Goals with Vinpocetine

vinpocetine for preworkoutsVinpocetine, a naturally occurring chemical compound derived from the extract of the periwinkle plant [2], is a great addition to any pre-workout supplement regimen for those who truly want to perform to the fullest of their ability. Besides having the desire to succeed and the endurance to work towards your goals, one of the greatest aspects needed in any workout routine is the ability to remain mentally focused during a task. As a workout progresses, different equipment and techniques are used and this ability to accurately recall proper safety guidelines and exercise methods requires a vigilant mind. Taking Vinpocetine supplements before an intense session can benefit you keep your mind, and your body, on the path to achieving your goals.

How can Vinpocetine Benefit Me?

The supplement Vinpocetine is a known and effective vasodilator, an agent that helps to widen the walls of the blood vessels thus decreasing both flow resistance and blood pressure. When facing especially challenging exercise routines, Vinpocetine’s ability to decrease the resistance of the flow of blood, and subsequently speed the delivery of essential oxygen to different regions of the body, improves recovery and mental performance. This heightened focus is brought on by the increased delivery of oxygen through the blood to cells in the brain [3]. These cells then utilize this oxygen to promote the creation of additional adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel that these cells need to operate efficiently. When cells are operating at their highest capacity, the human body is better able to perform and handle the demanding stressors of any workout routine.

What other benefits can Vinpocetine provide?

Vinpocetine has been shown to be an extremely effective anti-inflammatory compound and is thought to promote cell, heart, and lung health, as well as joint health. Additionally, after a rigorous workout, the supplement enhances the body’s ability to fight off swelling and recover faster. Due to its ability to improve brain cell function, different researchers believe Vinpocetine will be a useful tool in dealing with age related memory loss. The different benefits [1, 2, 3] that Vinpocetine is thought to provide include:

  • Improved eye function and overall vision
  • Help with hearing impairment
  • Better glucose usage by cells in the brain
  • Improve mood
  • Improve user’s ability to sleep.
  • Promote healthy bladder function.