Using Agmatine as a Pre-workout Supplement

Man boobsAgmatine sulphate is an amino acid neurotransmitter; it is produced naturally in the human body by the breakdown of arginine. Agmatine inhibits the release of some peptide hormones which are a type of protein. Even though both arginine and Agmatine do many similar things, Agmatine supplement proves to be much more effective as it’s more powerful.

Even though the majority of the Agmatine supplement market consists of body builders and professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and average people who want to lead a healthy life style as they become older can also gain from this supplement.

The Many Benefits of Agmatine Supplementation

  • Better nutrition partitioning, this will lead to more muscle glycogen. (This means that more of your calories are moved to muscle tissue rather than fat cells.)
  • Greater production of growth hormones.
  • Improved insulin response. (Agmatine triggers an increase in bodily insulin production.)
  • Enhanced muscle pumps. (You will notice this take effect almost instantly. It has been reported that pumps will last up to a whole day)
  • Stimulation of LH & GH Levels. (The stimulation of the LH & GH will lead to a healthier life style as we age.)
  • Better mood, as well as sleep and potentially sleeping habits.
  • Nootropic effect. (Has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties.)
  • Enhanced endurance in some athletes.
  • May also in some cases lead to weight loss.
  • Stress reduction, and in some cases it acts as a slight anti-depressant.

Agmatine promotes the release of insulin and increases the uptake of calcium in pancreatic cells. This supports healthy insulin levels. Besides the release of insulin Agmatine also releases catecholamines, which directly correlate to stress reduction.

You can also use Agmatine supplement daily, instead of strictly as a “Pre-Workout” supplement, as this will increase the intensity of the effects. Even though these benefits can be achieved by only using them on your workout days, taking the Agmatine daily with speed up the process. Agmatine sells in powdered form and the price varies by the reseller or the manufacturer. Its shelf life, if sealed and stored properly, is 2 years since the manufactured date.  The powder has a very strong smell to it (comes from the sulfate), but most people do not notice any taste when thoroughly mixed with 4oz of water. Those people who may notice a slight taste have reported it to be negligible.