Yohimbine for Athletes

Many athletes, both younger and older, often seek out beneficial supplements intended to help increase either muscle gain and retention, enhanced stamina and endurance, or, one of the most essential, assistance in weight loss and maintenance. Most athletes need a supplement that can help them either to better maintain their weight for the nature of their sport, such as wrestling or boxing, and to help them burn additional fat for added physical speed and energy for their sport, such as track, swimming, soccer, etc. While maintaining a healthy diet is essential to this type of maintenance, an additional supplement of Yohimbine can help an athlete reach their weight oriented fitness goals.

What is Yohimbine?

Yohimbine [2, 3] is a naturally occurring alkaloid known for its stimulant and fat loss enhancing properties. It is most often derived from different plants including Niando and Indian Snakeroot and is often referred to by other names including Yohimbe Bark and Corynanthe Yohimbe. Since Yohimbine works as a strong stimulant and energy production agent inside of the body, it is not recommended to exceed proper and healthy doses.

How can Yohimbine help?

Problems controlling weight, especially during peak competition preparation, can often be observed during the increased consumption of carbohydrates for lasting energy. This increased intake can result in unused resources that will be stored as fat in the body which subsequently increases overall body fat deposits and body weight. When enhancing a training program with Yohimbine [1, 2], the supplement performs as a compound that continues and regulates the body’s fat burning abilities from actually ceasing, unlike Ephedrine which claims to “kick start” fat metabolization. It performs this action by stimulating receptor systems of fat cells to promote proper activity of different enzymes responsible for correct thermogenesis.

Yohimbine [2] has also been shown increase the body’s ability to burn fat through the increase in the release of adrenaline in the body. One study [1] conducted with an elite team of soccer players concluded that Yohimbine acted effectively as a fat burning and weight loss component when introduced. The study supplemented 20 male soccer players who were placed into two different groups- placebo and Yohimbine supplemented. All athletes involved performed the same exercises and experienced the same levels of physical activity. By the end of the trial, the group supplemented with Yohimbine showed much lower overall fat mass and body weight versus the placebo group who only experienced traditional and expected fat loss. None of those involved in the study reported any adverse effects of the supplement. You can buy Yohimbine from this great shop here.


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