Creatine and Caffeine for Strength and Energy

During a workout session, many of us begin to feel sapped of energy and experience feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. This can lead to less productive time in the gym, less muscle gains, and, ultimately, can hinder our ability to reach our goals. A healthy diet can be fortified with beneficial supplements to help our body adapt to increased intensity during training when working towards a set of goals. Two different compounds, Creatine and Caffeine, when included as part of a workout stack or as daily supplements, can help the body combat fatigue and increase the overall performance of our bodies.

What is Creatine Supplement? What is Caffeine Supplement?

Creatine [1,2] is an amino acid that occurs naturally in humans and is found in different organs in the body- the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Creatine supplement is used as an energy source by skeletal muscles during intensive exercise and is transported easily and efficiently through the bloodstream. Since its discovery in the early 1800s, Creatine is known to be significant in the proper functioning of the skeletal muscles as roughly 95% of the body’s supply is stored in these muscles. Additional supplementation of Creatine has not been shown to have high chances of toxicity in the body.

caffeine powder for energyCaffeine [3,4] is a natural alkaloid that is widely used for its stimulant effects on the central nervous system which help alleviate symptoms of sleepiness and fatigue. Caffeine supplements are derived from a number of sources including the coffee bean, leaves of different types of teas, guarana berries, and numerous others. While intensive amounts of Caffeine supplements are not recommended, moderate levels have been shown to improve different aspects of our body’s performance and concentration.

How can these supplements help?

Creatine and Caffeine supplements can be taken at varying periods of the day depending on your workout schedule, diet, and sleep habits. When taken as part of a supplement schedule, the two compounds work to provide our bodies with energy and prevent early feelings of fatigue. During a workout, the stress we exert on our bodies and muscles can create a need for quick energy resources to help keep our current pace and stay on target. Creatine [1,2] fills in these gaps by helping to energize our muscles to help prolong and increase performance. Additionally, Creatine is reported to increase the body’s ability to build and retain lean muscle. Caffeine also helps [3,4] to energize our bodies by stimulating different systems of our body to alleviate feelings of fatigue during especially intensive exercise regimens. Caffeine can provide faster reaction time, increased concentration, and boost total time spent in the gym. This combination can help us to meet our fitness and health goals, but as with any supplement, the body requires both adequate hydration during exercise and recovery time to ensure optimum performance of our bodies.